Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Living the Dream

Okay.. I have to go through this.. Not only raised on bologna, it sustained me through college. Bologna on tortillas heated on the stove burner and then wrapped like a burrito. 

I always preferred TAB. 

Yes, indeed. I did play in the dirt and ate ants. 

My parents NEVER hit any of us. Apparently that is unusual for our generations. I've thought about this a lot. They were really good at verbal guilt throwing and it lasted a lot longer. I think I would have rather had a swat... 

YES! LOVED riding in the back of trucks!! We even had a pick-up truck with benches at the Girl Scout Camp that took us Catholics to church each Sunday. 

Indeed I recorded songs from the radio with the cassette tape player, but that was later. 

The best tasting water was from a hose!! I played in the wash or the crick. Ha! 

I don't remember the sir and ma'am.. I'm not from the South. (Well, Southern Cali.) But, everyone got their title. Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Father. That was enough. And ...

I've made it to nearly 65. I've done really well. Now.. when we will talk about how we survived all the drugs we took?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Negotiations - A Facebook Post


I have rarely worked for less than LORT B Contract money regardless of the contract unless there are other considerations.. do I need the workweeks? or is it like 10 min. from my house and I'm feeling lazy. Ha! I do not work without workweeks. Most of my career was LORT A. On Production Contracts I get above minimum and expect it. I will negotiate housing on Production Contracts if needed. (I live in LA - If you need me in NYC you need to put me up... at least for a while. It is required by me, but negotiable. - I've had a hotel room for an entire contract and I've had a hotel room until (they helped me) find an apartment. I've negotiated and received housing or per diem without it stated in the particular contract. I've received bonuses to return to a contract. I've been given an apartment to come to NY (with Production Contract salary) and to "keep up" a show. I used to make quite a bit of money ($1200 - $1400 a day) on corporate events.. That has dried up since 2008. I'm recently retired now and my pension is good. BE SURE TO GET YOUR HEALTH AND PENSION contributions! It makes a difference. The new 401k s in some contracts is nice, but last month my 401k lost $1000 because.. well, Trump. Always negotiate. All they can do is say "no." I had/have a very good reputation and directors and "stars" who have asked for me in particular. It helps to have done a good job every time you go out. It helps to be good. My best advice. Do good work. Be kind. Take care of the show. Take care of your crew. Take care of your actors. Do your designers proud. I worked my butt off to create this reputation. I've had a grand time. Do ART. (I've received 5 job offers since I've retired. Snatch 'em up y'all!)

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Or maybe California should just put up their own wall.. We already have checkpoints for fruit. We could just add rich older white men to the list. "Do you have any fruits or vegetables or loony old white men in your trunk?" boom

To Luis Alfaro on Facebook

I have lived in LA all my life and grew up eating tacos and what my lovely English/German mother made in the oven that she feels she half invented, stretching a small amount of hamburger to feed 7 people and calling "enchiladas." I ate bologna wrapped in tortillas heated on the stove all through college. (My "lover" adopted the practice.) Can't say I've had a Taco Bell taco since high school when my boyfriend, Michael Quinlivin was the assistant manager there. But..I have been on a taco tear lately. Don't know why.. Cancer drugs? Winter? Don't know. Here are my recent thoughts about tacos... First.. for some reason, my husband, Phil, started calling them, "Tack -Ohs." We both found this inordinately funny. So.. now we both call them Tack - Ohs. (We get strange when people charge us less because they perceive our age.) News about tacos and tack-ohs in my world: Joselitos has two locations.. Sunland and Montrose. (Sunland's Joselitos is called "Joselitos West." Ha!) Both have very serviceable tack-ohs. I prefer The Burrito Factory's (on Foothill in Sunland) but the tortillas tend to break a bit. Their shredded beef is heaven, however! I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I LOVE Jack in the Box tack-ohs.. really, they are "tack-ohs". They are greasy and cheap AND greasy and then, put that stupid Jack in the Box hot sauce on them and oh! ..The Best, lately, has been at Presidente in Mission Hills. Truly Tacos! SO GOOD with a side of corn cake. Presidente has a second location at Reseda and Devonshire. (Yes.. I am from the Valley.) I will continue my search.. Maybe we should join forces? Love you Luis! xo

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Realization.. Duh

Finally.. I understand why so many "Christian Women" are voting for such foul and contemptible politicians. My thoughts: 

I don't like abortion. I do believe it is killing a living thing. I won't and didn't have one. This is called choice. This is my choice. I also believe every woman has a right to autonomy. I believe abortion is a medical procedure that has nothing to do with what I believe. Doctors and women need to make a tough decisions together. Not my business. I am stunned that we are still having this conversation. I can't believe dear friends and sisters will continue to vote for these vile men because they promise to outlaw something that we decided a long time ago. Do you truly believe the babies sitting in cages, the partisanship, the alienation of ally countries, the crudeness and the hypocrisy.. the imposition of christian values on a country with many religions and none, the rich controlling all and lying constantly to the people.. encouraging dead and dying businesses and polluting the land and the health of so many... the destruction of our national parks... and so much more.. is worth your attempt to save a few cells with the potential to become a person? How about the living person. You don't seem to care about the people already here. You don't care for the born. Stop it. Let us have a different conversation about how to end abortion. Sex education seems to help a lot! Stop using it as the only barometer for your vote. It is a one issue problem. Let us get rid of these vile men (and women) and work together instead. I have ideas.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Believe the Women

 I was assaulted in college by a "friend." I told maybe two people who did not really believe me and defended him. I am sure they would not remember what I told them all those years ago. In my insecurity, I let the incident go but did not attend any function where my attacker was present. I never saw him again. I also never tried to tell anyone after that. Not until very recently. (I did tell my husband before we were married.) I didn't understand that what this boy did was illegal and prosecutable. I was maybe 20 years old. He was maybe 21? I remember a lot. I know where this happened. I don't know the date. I don't remember why we were alone in my apartment. It was during the day. I remember his first name, but I would recognize his last name in a second. I remember my fear and my screaming and yelling and "no no" and how I kept trying to hit him and how heavy he was and how I tried to push him away. (I finally scared him off me and he offered his hand. I refused, and he left me on the floor and scurried out the door, apologetically.) This was in late 1974 or 1975. At least 43 years ago. All this recent news has brought the trauma back to me. I am not lying that I know who assaulted me. I am not confused. I was never treated for PTSD or anything else. I had never heard of that in regards to a sexual assault. (PTSD was not recognized by the American Psychiatric Society until 1980.) It was a different time. I have no "proof." But it happened and I'll be damned if anyone claims I didn't experience exactly what I've described. We must believe the women.

Monday, August 27, 2018


Small Part of a Longer Discussion:
Me: Honestly, y'all live in a different theatrical world than I do. I grew up in a different time and we (my colleagues and I) made ourselves important to the process of the art through the work we did. I got a lot of respect for that work and still do. I worked hard! I was thanked generously and often publicly. On Broadway, on opening nights, the producers (I worked with Jujamcyn) gave the stage managers their own table. The Mark Taper Forum (regional, Los Angeles) did this as well. In those days, the LA Times listed our names in the review. (Sylvie Drake, critic, was instrumental in that.) I was always happy to jump when I could solve a problem in the moment. I would also discuss solutions if my participation was not feasible or was inappropriate. I am and have always been about the good of the show. I am an artist, first. I am protected by the union and am active in it and grateful for its existence. AEA helps me stand my ground and helps me help the actors. The union is one tool I use to better help the health and viability of the art. I love knowing how to use Q-Lab in rehearsal. It helps SO much! (I've always run some kind of sound - back in 1984 it was a reel to reel. Later.. cassette tapes... later, CDs.... ) All this to say, I do not want my duties categorized or written down. I have the freedom to decide in complicated rehearsal situations. I may ask the assistant director to be on book, for example. I may need the ASM to actually call cues he/she/they can see better from backstage. I may get clears from my carpenters and prop people. My automation person has my permission to call "All Stop!" (All of which I've asked for or had done.) My friends. Please. I know you face challenges I did not face or faced only after I'd had a lot of experience. I know life in some of the regional theatres and on SPT contracts can be difficult. I know why so many rules exist in the contracts. I get it. (You should know that before the "tech bump" some of us were getting far more overtime than any tech bump could cover. WE knowingly gave up that overtime so the rest of you could get "something." We knew you were getting nothing for the extra time.) This is our history. We have evolved a lot. Stage Managers from the last generation worked hard to give you what you have now. Please don't try to "define" the sm's job. I think it will just make our lives more difficult. From the soon to be retired.. (though they keep calling me back... )